Amazonian Cubensis Mushrooms


Amazonian Cubensis Mushrooms

Amazonian Cubensis is a highly sought-after magic mushroom variety renowned for its incredible potency and impressive yields. Free overnight shipping.


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Psilocybe cubensis Amazonian is a highly sought-after magic mushroom variety renowned for its incredible potency and impressive yields. This guide explores everything you need to know about the Amazonian cubensis strain.

Overview of Psilocybe Cubensis Amazonian

The Amazonian psilocybe cubensis mushroom, also known simply as “Amazonian”, is a mysterious but powerful psychedelic strain that emerged in the late 1990s. It is believed to have originated in or near the Amazon rainforest region.

Amazonian was likely naturally occurring P. cubensis that exhibited robust genetics and was subsequently stabilized through isolation. It produces medium to large flushes of mushrooms with a uniquely wavy cap shape.

In terms of effects, the Amazonian cubensis is considered one of the most potent magic mushroom strains available. It contains very high concentrations of the psychoactive compounds psilocybin and psilocin.

When consumed, Amazonian cubensis delivers an intense, vivid psychedelic experience even at low mushroom doses. It’s revered among seasoned psychonauts for its sheer strength.


Appearance and Growth Characteristics


The Amazonian cubensis mushrooms have distinctive physical traits that set them apart from other strains:

– Caps are uniquely wavy and crimped at the edges, often described as heart-shaped
– Thick, dense white stems with few brown fibrous streaks on mature fruits
– Tend to be medium to large when mature compared to other cubensis
– Form in dense clusters, providing high yields

When grown, the Amazonian mycelium is thick and rhizomorphic in texture, taking on a fuzzy white appearance. It’s known to be a fast colonizer compared to other strains.

The fungus prefers a humid, tropical environment and thrives in higher temperatures around 80°F. It’s more resilient to changing conditions than other varieties.


Potency and Psilocybin Content; Amazonian cubensis potency


The Amazonian cubensis mushroom is renowned as one of the most potent magic mushroom strains available today.

It contains approximately:

– 1.5-2% psilocybin per dry weight
– 0.5-1% psilocin per dry weight

This means psilocybin levels can reach twice as high as typical psilocybe cubensis varieties like Golden Teacher or B+.

The Amazonian trip is extremely visual, euphoric, and introspective – often overwhelming for those not accustomed to strong psychedelics. Just 1-2 grams of dried Amazonian mushrooms can deliver effects comparable to higher doses of other strains.

Ideal Uses for Amazonian Cubensis

  • Due to its sheer potency and immersive psychedelic effects, the Amazonian cubensis appeals most to experienced magic mushroom enthusiasts and psychonauts.
  • It also offers therapeutic benefits at lower doses including:

– Relief from conditions like depression, OCD, PTSD and addiction
– Improved focus and creativity
– Spiritual growth and self-understanding

  • Amazonian’s powerful psychedelic voyage makes it well-suited for:

– Experienced trippers seeking a deep dive into psychedelia
– Mental health treatment and psychedelic-assisted therapy
– Religious or ceremonial use in sacred contexts

  • Users should carefully moderate Amazonian dosage due to potency considerations and avoid mixing with other substances.

Growing Amazonian Cubensis Mushrooms

  • The Amazonian cubensis produces impressive yields in both indoor and outdoor settings. This makes it a favorite among mushroom growers.
  • For best results, maintain very humid, tropical conditions between 75-85°F. The Amazonian mycelium thrives on substrates like composted manure. Expect fast colonization.
  • During fruiting conditions, the Amazonian forms large dense clusters that mature quickly compared to other cubensis varieties. It’s ready to harvest once caps expand fully and stems soften.
  • With ideal conditions, expert cultivators report up to 6 flushes yielding over 350 grams dried from a single Amazonian cubensis grow.
  • For anyone seeking maximum magic mushroom potency and prolific yields, the legendary Amazonian P. cubensis is a top choice.
  • Respect its power, and this variety can unlock psychedelic secrets through astounding journeys.

Amazonian Cubensis online – Next day Delivery


  • BUY AMAZONIAN CUBENSIS ONLINE: Humans alongside magic mushrooms can trace their relationship way back from thousands of years.
  • Stone statues from several people indigenous to what is now South America portray images of humans and mushrooms interacting.
  • These same cultures recommended mushrooms not just for their consciousness-enhancing properties Mushroom Dispensary USA. But also for the possible benefits they imparted.
  • This magic mushroom strain known as  Amazonian Psilocybe Cubensis is a very close descendant of these original fungi.
  • Amazonian Cubensis also contains psilocybin and a psychoactive compound that can change how a person feels the world around them.
  • Nevertheless MAGIC MUSHROOMS ONLINE, amazonian cubensis has several beneficial effects.

Effects of Amazonian Cubensis

  • One of the main effects many psychonauts experience is when they take mushrooms is the euphoric and hallucinogenic experience that they impart Mushroom Dispensary USA.
  • These trips can have drastic consequences on the user’s psyche MAGIC MUSHROOMS ONLINE.
  • So, therefore, they may experience various effects like time dilation, tranquillity, and oneness with the universe.
  • Just like the original humans that made use of these fungi thousands of years ago most psilocybin mushroom users today can experience enhanced spiritual feelings.
  • These psychoactive experiences may have a positive effect on the psyche.
  • Today, most psilocybin proponents say that magic mushrooms may be able to help reduce the symptoms of certain issues Mushroom Dispensary USA.
  • Some of these issues are stress- and anxiety-related disorders like PTSD.
  • Other evidence and some studies also suggest that amazonian cubensis may be able to help in treating symptoms of depression.
  • So get Amazonian cubensis online at Mungus Shrooms. BUY PSOLOCYBE CUBENSIS ONLINE

Some tips for use

Amazon Cubensis is a very welcoming strain for newer psychonauts. However, it is very important to make sure you take the correct dosage.

Beginners or newbies who are in search of an easy-to-manage trip should take a gram or less. In contrast,  more advanced users who are in search of a stronger psychedelic experience can take doses of 3.5 grams or even more.

Lastly, Mixed and dried mushrooms in a peanut butter sandwich or better still brew them in a tea to make taking them more enjoyable or add more meaning to it BUY PSOLOCYBE CUBENSIS ONLINE.

Amazonian Cubensis vs golden teacher



– Amazonian – Has a unique wavy, heart-shaped cap that is wider on average. Thick stems with minimal brown fibrous streaking. Grows in dense clustered formations.

– Golden Teacher – Caps are more rounded and bell-shaped with a nipple-like point. Stems are thin and wiry with more brown streaking on the stipe. Grows in looser formations.

Grow Difficulty:

– Amazonian – A fast and aggressive mycelium colonizer that is resilient to variable conditions. One of the easiest mushrooms strains to grow.

– Golden Teacher – Slower growing mycelium that requires more stable conditions to thrive. Prone to contamination. Moderately challenging to cultivate.


– Amazonian – Exceptionally potent strain containing up to 2% psilocybin. Psychedelic effects are extremely visual and immersive.

– Golden Teacher – Moderate psilocybin levels around 0.5-1%. Produces a milder, more manageable trip compared to Amazonian. Better for beginners.


– Amazonian – Very prolific yields. Can produce 500g+ dried from a single tub when optimized. Multiple dense flushes.

– Golden Teacher – Lower-moderate yields averaging 50-150g dried per tub. Produces fewer, smaller flushes.


– Amazonian – Top choice for experienced trippers seeking ultra-potent psychedelic effects and massive yields.

– Golden Teacher – Ideal mushroom for those newer to psychedelics due to mellower potency and easier cultivation requirements.

The Amazonian cubensis is unmatched in its sheer potency and ability to produce massive psychedelic mushroom harvests. Golden Teachers offer a more moderate experience better suited to newer users.

How to identify Amazonian Cubensis

Here are some tips on identifying Amazonian cubensis mushrooms:

– Look for a wide, wavy cap with a distinctive crimped or ruffled edge. The cap often has a heart-like shape.

– Mature caps will be reddish-brown to golden brown in color and reach 5-10cm across. The center may be darker.

– Stems tend be quite thick and meaty compared to other cubensis varieties. They are whitish colored with few fibrous streaks.

– When growing in clusters, Amazonians form very dense overlapping groups unlike the looser growth of other strains.

– Take note of the substrate as Amazonians prefer growing in tropical, humid environments on nutrient-rich manure composts.

– Bruising on the cap or stem will take on a dark bluish hue due to the high psilocin content.

– Look closely and you may see a thin whitish partial veil or annulus on the upper stem under the cap on mature mushrooms.

– Smellwise, Amazonians give off a bold earthy, sour mushroom scent – much more pungent than typical cubes.

– On a microscopic level, inspect the dark purple-brown spores which are oval shaped under the microscope.

With their unique wavy caps, meaty stems, bluish bruising, pungent smell and microscopic spore traits, properly identifying Amazonian cubensis becomes easier with time and experience.

Amazonian Cubensis dried review

Here is a review of the effects and experience of consuming dried Amazonian cubensis mushrooms:

  • Of all the psilocybe cubensis strains, the dried Amazonian cubensis provides one of the most potent psychedelic experiences available.
  • Just 1.5-2 grams dried is enough to deliver powerful effects thanks to very high psilocybin levels.
  • Shortly after ingesting dried Amazonian cubes, the experience quickly transitions from a stimulating come up to full immersion in a mystical psychedelic state within an hour.
  • Vivid open and closed eye visuals emerge – flowing colorful patterns, swirling shapes, and flickering geometries. A noticeable body high creeps in that feels both slightly uneasy and deeply tranquil.
  • The Amazonian headspace is extremely introspective – you’ll examine your consciousness from new angles and have moments of profound meaning. Euphoric giggles and mood lift give way to contemplative insight. There is a noticeable amplification of the senses – colors, textures, sounds are enhanced.
  • You may feel disoriented at times as your sense of space, time and self shift fluidly. Letting go and embracing the experience allows inner wisdom to arise. Visually, the peak effects last around 3-4 hours before slowly settling.
  • Even once visuals subside, an afterglow of clarity, calm focus, and creative thinking often remains.
  • When working with set, setting and intention, dried Amazonians provide a deeply transformative shamanic tool for seasoned psychonauts. Respect this powerful fungus!

Best substrate for cubensis amazonian

Here are some of the best substrate options for growing Psilocybe cubensis Amazonian mushrooms:

– Coir/Vermiculite Mix – This nutritious blend of coco coir and vermiculite is a top choice for Amazonians. It balances moisture retention and aeration. Vermiculite provides nutrients.

– Composted Manure – High in nutrients and humic compounds, manure-based substrates like horse, cow, or rabbit work excellent. The Amazonian thrives in these tropical-like conditions.

– Straw – Chopped straw from wheat, rye or other grains can be combined with manure compost for a cost-effective bulk substrate. Provides nutrients and moisture control.

– Hardwood Pellets – Sawdust-based pellets from oak, aspen or soy hulls supply nutrition once expanded with water. Combine with coir or manure for additional benefits.

– Straight Coco Coir – While lacking in nutrients, coir’s moisture retention works well for Amazonians. Supplement with gypsum or coffee grounds.

Key Tips:

– Pastuerize any bulk substrate to eliminate contaminants
– Maintain high humidity and tropical temperatures
– Allow substantive air exchange during fruiting
– Go up to 4″ deep substrate for maximum yields

Given its origin story, composted manure most closely mimics the Amazonian’s natural habitat. But coir, straw, and wood-based substrates can also produce abundant flushes when cultivated properly.

Amazonian Cubensis Dried Review:

The dried Amazonian cubensis provides an exceptionally potent psychedelic experience thanks to very high psilocybin and psilocin levels.

Just 1.5-2 grams dried delivers vivid visuals, profound introspection, sensory enhancement, and euphoria before gradually returning to sobriety over 3-6 hours.

Respect this powerful fungus and work up slowly to higher doses for mystical journeys.

Amazonian Cubensis Alkaloid Profile:

Lab testing shows the Amazonian cubensis contains approximately 1.5-2% psilocybin and 0.5-1% psilocin per dry weight,

making it one of the most potent psilocybe cubensis strains available.

In contrast, typical cubensis varieties like Golden Teacher contain 0.5-1% total alkaloids.

The Amazonian’s remarkably high psilocybin and psilocin content contribute to its intense psychedelic effects.

Amazonian Cubensis Info:

The Amazonian cubensis is a mysterious and uniquely potent psychedelic mushroom variety that likely originated in the Amazon rainforest region. It produces medium-large mushroom fruits with wavy, heart-shaped caps that grow in dense clusters.

The mycelium thrives in tropical, humid conditions. Revered for its heavy psychedelic effects thanks to very high alkaloid content, the legendary Amazonian appeals most to experienced trippers seeking a deep dive.

Cubensis Amazonian Grow:

The Amazonian cubensis is one of the easiest magic mushrooms to cultivate thanks to its aggressive mycelium and resilience to variable conditions.

It prefers humid, 75-85°F tropical environments and thrives on manure-based substrates.

Amazonians produce impressive yields in both indoor and outdoor settings. Maintain proper surface conditions during fruiting and harvest when caps expand fully.

With ideal techniques, expert growers can produce 500g+ dried over multiple large flushes from the prolific Amazonian.

Cubensis PES Amazonian Temperature:

The PES Amazonian cubensis prefers warm growing temperatures around 75-82°F. High humidity is also ideal during colonization and fruiting.

As a tropical cubensis variant, the Amazonian thrives best when environmental conditions closely mimic its native humid, jungle-like habitat.

Maintaining stable tropical temps around 80°F and high humidity above 90% RH will result in optimal PES Amazonian mushroom growth.

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