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Crazy Jacks


Crazy Jacks

About Crazy Jacks
Crazy Jacks are capsules filled with a strong mixture of herbs and caffeine, which will give you the energy to dance all night long. Get your Crazy Jacks now and let the party start!

Effects of Crazy Jacks
Crazy Jacks Party capsules contain a high dosage of caffeine combined with a variety of vitamins which will give you an intense energy boost to party hard for up to 6 hours.

Each package of Crazy Jacks contains 6 capsules. A dose of 3 capsules is enough for one person to dance for 4 to 6 hours. For best results you should take Crazy Jacks Herbal Ecstasy on an empty stomach, preferably with some water or juice. After 45 minutes the power of Crazy Jacks will kick in.

Each package of Crazy Jacks contains 6 capsules. Each capsule contains a mixture of 590mg of caffeine and herbal extracts as well as:

L-Tyrosine – 50mg
Vitamine B3 – 18mg
Vitamine B6 – 10mg
Vitamine B5 – 6mg
Vitamine B12 – 3mg
Vitamine B2 – 1.6mg
Keep out of reach of children. Do not take during pregnancy or while breast-feeding. Do not take if you suffer from any medical or psychiatric conditions. Do not mix with other drugs, medicine or alcohol.

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