Mushroom Spore Syringes


Mushroom Spore Syringes

pores provided in sterile aqueous solution using 10cc BD Luer-Lok syringes. One 1.5in 16ga needle will be provided for each spore filled syringe.


What is a Magic Mushroom Spore Syringe?

A magic mushroom spore syringe is an inoculant containing microscopic spores harvested from the gills of a mature psilocybin mushroom. The spores are suspended in sterile distilled water within a hypodermic needle and syringe.

Spore syringes provide thousands to millions of viable psilocybin mushroom spores ready to be propagated when injected into a nutrient substrate like grain, cakes, or agar.

what is an isolated spore syringe

An isolated spore syringe is a spore syringe that has been created using an isolated culture from a mushroom strain. Here’s a more detailed explanation:

– Spore syringes are typically made by collecting spores directly from the gills of a mature mushroom. This captures the genetic diversity of that particular strain.

– The downside is that these multi-spore syringes lead to some variability in growth rates and potency when cultivated.

– An isolated culture begins by germinating spores from a multi-spore syringe onto nutrient agar plates. This allows the mycelium to grow out.

– Sections of healthy mycelium are then transferred to new agar plates to isolate superior growth. This is done repeatedly to stabilize genetics.

– The isolated mycelium is then used to make a spore syringe or liquid culture.

– Because the culture originated from a single genetic sequence, the spores in an isolated syringe are genetically uniform.

– This leads to more consistent, faster colonization times and mushroom growth when cultivating from an isolated spore syringe.

So in summary, an isolated spore syringe comes from spores produced by an isolated mushroom culture, giving more stable genetics compared to a multi-spore variety. The isolation process removes genetic anomalies.

How to Use Psilocybin Mushroom Spore Syringes to Grow Magic Mushrooms (mushroom spore syringe use)

Here is a guide on how to use a mushroom spore syringe:

Mushroom spore syringes provide an easy way to inoculate substrates and grow your choice of gourmet or medicinal mushrooms at home. Here are some tips on using spore syringes effectively:

Selecting a Spore Syringe

– Choose a reputable vendor and species you want to cultivate
– Inspect syringe for viability – spores should appear dark under a microscope
– Begin with easy species like oyster or lion’s mane mushrooms

Preparing Substrates

– Follow specific substrate recipes for your selected mushroom species
– Fill jars 3/4 full or fill grow bags to maintain airflow
– Sterilize substrates like rye, straw, or sawdust in a pressure cooker

Inoculating with the Spore Syringe

– Shake syringe well to disperse spores before injecting
– Inject spore solution into the center of jars/bags, 0.5-1cc per jar, 2-3cc per bag
– Flame sterilize the syringe needle before each use
– Cover injection holes and distribute spores by gently shaking

Incubating Substrates

– Keep jars/bags at ideal temperatures for mycelium growth, around 75°F
– Avoid exposing to light until fully colonized
– Wait at least 2 weeks for syringe spores to consolidate and spread

Fruiting and Harvesting

– Initiate fruiting conditions once substrates are fully colonized
– For medicinal mushrooms, move to high air flow environment
– Mist and fan regularly to maintain moisture and induce pinning
– Harvest mushrooms at ideal maturity

With proper sterile technique, mushroom spore syringes provide an easy way to grow gourmet and medicinal species at home successfully.

Common Psilocybin Mushroom Spore Syringes

Popular psilocybin mushroom species available as spore syringes include:

– P. cubensis – Golden Teacher, B+, Ecuador, Mazatapec, Penis Envy, P. azurescens, P. cyanescens, P. tampanensis, P. ovoideocystidiata

Cubensis varieties like Golden Teacher are ideal for beginners, providing a moderate psychedelic trip. More advanced species like P. azurescens are extremely potent.

How to Make Your Own Spore Syringe: Step by Step guide

Making your own mushroom spore syringe at home gives you a cost-effective, customizable inoculant for DIY mushroom growing. Follow these steps:

Supplies Needed;

– Sterile 10mL syringe + needles
– Distilled water
– Lighter or alcohol lamp
– Spore prints or swabs
– Gloves & face mask
– Still air box (SAB)

Step 1: Gather Spores

Obtain spore prints or make spore swabs from mature mushroom gills. Work quickly before spores dry out. Store prints in sealed, sterile containers.

Step 2: Sterilize Equipment

Wipe down SAB with 70% isopropyl alcohol. Place syringe, distilled water, lighter, and gloves inside. Sterilize equipment under flame.

Step 3: Make Spore Solution

Working inside the SAB, scrape spores into distilled water. Shake/mix thoroughly to create a homogenous solution.

Step 4: Load Syringe

Draw spore solution into the syringe. Fill to around the 8-9mL line for a 10mL syringe. Flame sterilize needle tip.

Step 5: Seal and Store

Seal syringe and gently tap to dislodge trapped air bubbles. Store refrigerated at 35-40°F away from light.

Step 6: Repeat Sterilization

Flame sterilize needle again before each use. When injecting, wipe jar injection ports with alcohol first.

Step 7: Use within 1-2 Months

For best viability, use spore syringes within 1-2 months. Viability declines over time. Refrigeration extends shelf life.


With sterile procedure, creating mushroom spore syringes at home is straightforward. Always work carefully to avoid contamination. Now inject your spore syringe into substrates to grow your mushroom species of choice!

Using a Spore Syringe to Inoculate

To inoculate substrates, firmly inject the spore syringe needle down the center of jars, bags, or bottles. Inject 0.5-1cc of solution per jar, 2-3cc for bags.

Cover injection holes and allow the spores to fully colonize the substrate into thick mycelium before fruiting.

From Spore Syringe to Agar Culture

Spore solution can be used to inoculate sterile nutrient agar plates. As mycelium grows, cut out clean sections to transfer to new plates for isolate selection.

Agar culturing helps develop robust genetics from multi-spore varieties like the Golden Teacher cubensis.

 Maximizing Spore Syringe Freshness

To maintain viability of your spore syringes:

– Store refrigerated at 35-40°F
– Avoid freezing to prevent damage
– Keep away from light sources
– Shake vigorously before each use
– Use within 1-2 months of making syringe

Properly stored spore syringes should retain high spore viability for mushroom growing.

Growing Magic Mushrooms from Spores

To grow mushrooms from psilocybe spore syringe:

1. Inject spore solution into sterilized grain or substrate jars
2. Let mycelium fully colonize under ideal temperatures
3. Transfer to a fruiting chamber lined with moist perlite/vermiculite
4. Maintain humidity levels around 95% RH
5. Provide 12 hours of indirect light and ample fresh air exchange
6. Harvest mushrooms as veils start to tear

With an isolated spore syringe culture on agar, yields and potency will be greater. Follow strict sterile procedures for best magic mushroom results.


Psilocybin mushroom spore syringes offer beginner and expert cultivators alike an easy gateway into reliably growing magic mushrooms at home. Set yourself up for psychedelic success by starting with viable spores and following proper mushroom growing protocols.

spore syringe for sale- Buy Spore syringes Online

Buy Spore syringes Online these are Spores produced in sterile aqueous solution using 10cc BD Luer-Lok syringes. One 1.5in 16ga needle will be given for each spore-filled syringe.

Nevertheless, The 4 Pack Customer’s Choice Special Psilocybe cubensis microscopy kit selection is presented to provide an inexpensive alternative to those who interested in microscopy of several Psilocybe cubensis strains.

Moreover, some desired strains can be selected from the stock Ps. cubensis spore syringes listed below. Type the strain you desire in the text box below.

if your goal is to embrace other strains for items that may be temporarily out of stock, select the option below (this may speed the processing of your order).
Albino A+, B+, Burma, Colombian Rustspore, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Golden Teacher, Huautla, Malabar Coast, Mazatec, Nepal Chitwan, Albino Penis Envy (APE ver. 1.0), Penis Envy, Penis Envy Uncut, PES Amazonian, PES Hawaiian, PF Redspore, PF Standard, Puerto Rican, Treasure Coast.

spore print vs syringe: Key Differences for Mushroom Growing

When starting your mushroom grow, you’ll need to decide between using a spore print or spore syringe as inoculant. What are the main differences and which is better for cultivation?

What is a Spore Print?


A spore print is made by placing a mature mushroom gill-side down on foil or paper to deposit its spores. Spore prints contain thousands of spores but are more variable in spore count compared to syringes.

Prints come in Vegas standard foil sheets that require sterile transfers. They have shorter viability of weeks to months.

Benefits of Using Spore Prints


Advantages of spore prints:

– Very inexpensive way to acquire spores
– Can create your own prints at home
– See visible spore color as quality indicator
– No specialized equipment required

Spore prints are a very cost-effective starting point for DIY mushroom growing.

What is a Spore Syringe?


Sterile spore syringes contain spores suspended in distilled water inside a hypodermic needle. This allows direct inoculation into substrates like grain and agar.

Syringes offer more consistent spore volumes and are kept viable for months through refrigeration.

Benefits of Using Spore Syringes


Advantages of spore syringes:

– Known, consistent spore count
– Contamination-free when using sterile technique
– Longer shelf life of 1-2 months refrigerated
– Allow live view of spores under microscope
– Easy, no-mess direct inoculation

While pricier, syringes provide reliable genetics and convenience mushroom growers need.



In summary, spore prints offer budget-friendly spore access but are less consistent in quality.

Spore syringes give sterility, known spore counts, and longer viability but require more equipment and expertise.

Evaluate your growing goals when selecting an inoculant. Proper technique is vital for success.


We have the best buy psilocybe cubensis spore syringes online

These Spores syringes are intended for microscopy and taxonomy purposes only.

Therefore, the Images are provided for informational and educational reference only and originate from the best cultivators and labs outside the US.

In addition,  you should note the cultivation of this species is illegal in many countries including the United States. So likewise figure out how to cultivate before ordering from us.

These spores are contained within our labs. Our spore syringes are only from the largest, strongest, fastest-growing, and also most amazing-looking mushrooms.

Eventually, only the best mushrooms make the perfect grade and each of these syringes is made under the best laboratory conditions. Therefore, this minimizes the chances of contamination entering the syringe.

We also guarantee the durability of our spore syringes for at least 2 years. Nevertheless if stored correctly the spores in our spore syringes can remain viable for many years, eventually decades if stored under refrigerated conditions.

We use the best quality, professional Leur Lock syringes for our spore syringes and each one is shipped with a stopper cap. Consequently preventing any leaks or contamination entering the syringe during transit. Check our discreet shipping and payment policies

* We also include a free alcohol swab, sterilized needle, and free delivery on all spore syringe orders this month place your orders now.

We make our spore syringes DENSE, enabling you to see the spores with your naked eyes. Therefore each one contains hundreds of thousands if not millions of microscopic spores. Our spore syringes are carefully packed full of spores.

Therefore if you have your own flow hood or clean air space, you’ll be able to make 10, 20, 50, or even 100 or more of other spore syringes of your own. ( We are encouraging you to do so!)

how to make liquid culture from spore syringe

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to make liquid mushroom culture from a spore syringe:

Liquid culture provides a fast-colonizing and resilient inoculant for mushroom growing. Follow these steps to make your own liquid culture from spore syringes:

Supplies Needed:


– Spore syringe
– Sterile LC jars
– Nutrient media like honey water or cornstarch/sugar/water
– 70% isopropyl alcohol
– Lighter or alcohol burner
– Still air box (SAB)

Step 1: Prepare Clean Work Area


Thoroughly sanitize your SAB workspace and instruments with 70% isopropyl alcohol.

Step 2: Sterilize Liquid Media


Prepare your selected nutrient rich liquid media recipe and sterilize it in a pressure cooker or autoclave for a full 15-20 minutes at 15 psi.

Step 3: Inoculate Media Jars


Working in the SAB, carefully inject 5-10cc of viable spore syringe solution into each media jar. Cover injection port with micropore tape.

Step 4: Shake and Incubate


Gently swirl the inoculated liquid culture jars to disperse spores evenly. Incubate for 1-2 weeks at room temperature until cloudy with mycelial growth.

Step 5: Check for Contamination


Inspect culture jars daily. Look for thick, evenly dispersed mycelium. Discard any contaminated jars.

Step 6: Use Immediately or Store


Once ready, use within a few weeks before metabolism slows. Or store refrigerated for up to 3 months maximum.

Now you have quality mushroom liquid culture ready for inoculating substrates like grain, agar, and more! Follow sterile procedures closely each step.

four syringes psilocybin spores microscopy research

Best spore syringe supplier: How to Find the Best Spore Syringe Supplier for Mushroom Cultivation

Finding a high-quality spore syringe supplier is essential for mushroom growers. When selecting a vendor, keep these key factors in mind:

Wide Selection of Mushroom Varieties


Look for a company that offers spore syringes for diverse mushroom species – oyster, lion’s mane, reishi, shiitake, psilocybe cubensis, and more unique varieties.

This allows you to expand your home growing capabilities. carries an extensive catalog of spore syringes.

Strong Reputation & Customer Reviews


Choose an established vendor like Mungusshrooms with overwhelmingly positive reviews on sites like Reddit, Shroomery, and other forums. This demonstrates quality products and service.

Verified Purity & Spore Viability


Leading suppliers will have their spore solutions tested by third-party laboratories for purity and spore viability counts.

This guarantees contamination-free syringes with high spore counts ready to propagate mushrooms effectively. Mungusshrooms verifies all syringes.

Strict Sterile Production Protocols


Psilocybe spore syringe produced under stringent sterile techniques in a professional clean lab environment have less risk of issues.

Ask vendors like Mungusshrooms about their precise laboratory sterilization controls and protocols.

Responsive Customer Service


A quality company will provide helpful customer service in case any problems occur with shipping or orders. This provides peace of mind.

Mungusshrooms is known for stellar communication and 100% satisfaction guarantees for customers.


Finding a top-rated spore syringe supplier like Mungusshrooms will give you quality syringes to help ensure mushroom growing success. Invest in a reputable vendor with proven products.


storing spore syringe; How to Store Spore Syringes for Maximum Freshness

Proper storage is crucial for maintaining mushroom spore syringe viability over time. Follow these guidelines for keeping your syringes fresh:

Refrigerate at 35-40°F


Store psilocybe spore syringe refrigerated within the ideal temperature range of 35-40°F. The cold environment slows spore metabolism and keeps them dormant.

Placing syringes inside a zip lock bag helps protect from temperature fluctuations when retrieving them.

Avoid Freezing

Freezing can damage delicate spores by causing ice crystals to form. Refrigeration keeps them preserved without freezing.

Never re-freeze a spore syringe after thawing – this drastically reduces viability.

Keep in Darkness

Light can degrade psilocybin and other compounds within spores. Always store syringes in a dark place away from any light sources.

Use opaque bags or foil to block light exposure when removing syringes.

Store Vertically

Store syringes vertically with the needle tip facing down. This prevents spores from settling inside the needle where they may get stuck.

Occasionally rotate syringes tip-down to dislodge settled spores.

Limit Exposure

Minimize removing syringes from storage to check them. Each exposure to warmer air can impact viability.

Only retrieve the syringes you plan to immediately use to inoculate.

Agitate Before Use

Vigorously shake or tap the syringe prior to each use to resuspend settled spores and achieve an even distribution for inoculating.

Following these simple best practices will keep your spore syringes viable for mushroom cultivation as long as possible!

How long does a spore syringe last?

Mushroom growers rely on viable spore syringes to inoculate substrates and start their crops. But spore viability declines over time. Under proper storage, how long can you expect your syringes to remain usable?

Refrigerated Spore Syringe Shelf Life


When kept continually refrigerated at 35-40°F, a spore syringe should retain viability for 1-2 months on average. Some experienced cultivators report refrigerated syringes lasting up to 4 months.

The cold environment slows down metabolic processes to preserve spores in a dormant state. Refrigeration prevents premature germination.

Impact of Freezing on Shelf Life


Allowing spore syringes to freeze can damage delicate spores through ice crystal formation and rupture cell walls.

Once thawed, frozen syringes will have lower viability and cannot be re-frozen. Refrigeration keeps syringes usable much longer without freezing.

Proper Storage for Maximum Longevity


To extend shelf life to 1-2 months, always store syringes:

– Refrigerated at 35-40°F
– In darkness away from light
– Vertically with needle tip down
– In opaque bags to prevent light exposure
– Unopened until ready to use

Minimizing air exposure and temperature fluctuations also helps maintain viability.

Declining Viability Over Time


No matter how well stored, spore viability will reduce over time as a byproduct of natural metabolic processes. Refrigeration simply slows this decline.

Syringes kept at room temperature may only last a few weeks before losing potency.

Best Practices for Fresh Spore Syringes


To ensure you always have viable spores on hand:

– Only buy from reputable vendors and check reviews
– Make small volume syringes for shorter storage
– Minimize time syringes are out of refrigeration
– Test germination on agar to confirm viability

With ideal storage and handling, mushroom spore syringes can remain usable for cultivation for 1-2 months or longer.

Additional information

Select Spore

B+, Burma, Colombian Rustspore, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Golden Teacher, Huautla, Malabar Coast, Mazatec, Nepal Chitwan, Albino Penis Envy (APE ver. 1.0), Penis Envy, Penis Envy Uncut, PES Amazonian, PES Hawaiian, PF Redspore, PF Standard, Puerto Rican, Treasure Coast, Mazatapec


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