Penis Envy Chocolates


Penis Envy Chocolates


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The latest trend among magic mushroom fans is penis envy chocolate – a mind-expanding edible that blends the powerful penis envy mushroom strain with rich, creamy chocolate.

 What is Penis Envy Chocolate?

Penis envy chocolate combines premium chocolate with dried or powdered penis envy cubensis mushrooms. The psilocybin and unique effects of the penis envy mushroom infuse chocolate with psychedelic properties for a decadent, mystical edible experience.

In addition to penis envy chocolate bars, you can also find penis envy hot cocoa mix, penis envy chocolate truffles, penis envy milk chocolate, and white chocolate penis envy mushroom bars. The cacao complements and enhances the mushroom effects beautifully.

 Benefits of this Chocolate

There are many advantages to consuming magic mushrooms like penis envy in chocolate form:

– Masks unpleasant taste of dried mushrooms
– Allows accurate dosing with mushroom powder
– Prolongs and enhances the mushroom experience
– Provides euphoria and comfort of chocolate
– Available in indulgent flavors like cookies & cream, mint, peanut butter

Chocolate is the perfect delivery method for the potent penis envy cubensis mushrooms. The two complement each other wonderfully.

Penis Envy Chocolate

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 What to Expect from it

Eating penis envy mushroom chocolate delivers effects like:

– Vivid hallucinations – visual and auditory
– Sensory enhancement and synesthesia
– Laughter, joy, feelings of euphoria
– Mystical, dream-like mental state
– Spiritual insights and contemplation
– 6-8+ hours of psychedelic tripping

Start with a low 1-2 gram mushroom dose and savor the melting chocolate as the psilocybin takes hold. Make sure to enjoy penis envy bars or truffles in a safe, comfortable environment.

 Where to Find Penis Envy 6 Chocolates

In areas where magic mushrooms are legal, you may find penis envy chocolate in some dispensaries and psychedelic shops including mungus shrooms shop

Quality mail order options are also available online from reputable vendors. Search for terms like “penis envy chocolate bar” or “albino penis envy chocolate.”

Ready for a Chocolate Magic Mushroom Journey?

For anyone seeking the mystical psychedelic properties of penis envy cubensis mushrooms in a tasty, convenient edible, penis envy mushroom chocolate is a delicious option.

Let the velvety chocolate guide your trip to wondrous realms within. Happy and safe travels!


A Deep Dive into the Legendary Penis Envy Mushroom

Of all the magic mushroom varieties, none have reached quite the mythical status as the legendary penis envy mushroom. This rare psilocybin-containing cubensis is renowned for its unique appearance and extraordinarily potent psychedelic effects.

What Makes Penis Envy Mushrooms Unique?

The penis envy mushroom, also known as PE, gets its provocative name from its distinct phallic-shaped stem. Unlike typical mushrooms caps, penis envy’s caps remain closed even as it matures. When cultivated, it takes on a pale albino color.

In addition to its signature look, penis envy mushrooms pack a powerful punch. They contain about 1.5 to 2 times higher concentrations of the psychoactive compounds psilocybin and psilocin compared to regular cubensis.

This makes penis envy one of the most potent magic mushroom strains in the world. Many claim it delivers the deepest, most vivid psychedelic experience possible from mushrooms.

The Origins of Penis Envy Mushrooms

The origins of penis envy mushrooms are uncertain, but they first emerged in the psychedelic scene in the 1980s. Legend says PE was accidentally created when two varieties of cubensis cross pollinated.

Mycologists have worked hard to stabilize spores of the rare penis envy, which does not produce its own spores. It remains a very unique, sought-after strain.

What to Expect from Penis Envy Mushrooms

Consuming penis envy delivers powerful effects thanks to very high psilocybin levels. Known effects include:

– Strong visual hallucinations – 3D objects, color streams, distortions
– Synesthesia – blending of the senses
– Mystical, dream-like headspace
– Euphoria alternating with laughing fits
– Sense of transcending time and space
– Profound spiritual insights and realizations
– 6-8+ hour trip before gradual comedown

PE provides an immersive psychedelic journey at higher doses. Approach with care and respect. Use a trip sitter for guidance.

## Penis Envy Mushroom Potency vs. Regular Cubensis

With roughly double the psilocybin compared to typical cubensis mushrooms, penis envy mushrooms are in a class of their own potency-wise.

A standard dose of regular dried cubensis is 2-3 grams. But for penis envy, many advise starting with just 1-1.5 grams. Their effects can be overwhelmingly intense to mushroom newcomers.

Work up slowly when experimenting with penis envy mushrooms and be diligent with set and setting. Their legendary potency must be treated with care.

How to Take Penis Envy Mushrooms

Penis envy can be consumed like typical magic mushrooms. Try adding it powdered to lemon tek drinks, chocolate, or capsules. You can also brew penis envy tea or eat the dried mushrooms whole.

Many find mixing it with other mushrooms or cannabis helps round out the intense PE experience. But tread lightly until you know your ideal penis envy dosage.

Are Penis Envy Mushrooms Right for You?

While penis envy mushrooms offer an unparalleled psychedelic ride, they require skill and experience to use safely. Make sure your mindset and environment set you up for success.

For seasoned trippers looking to voyage deep into psychedelia and have mystical breakthroughs, penis envy may be the perfect shamanic ally. Respect its power, and the penis envy mushroom can guide you to profound truths.

Where to Find Penis Envy Mushroom Spores and Grow Kits

As a rare cubensis strain, penis envy mushrooms spores and grow kits are sold by select specialty vendors. Search for highly-reviewed sellers offering lab-tested spores and supplies.

With diligent cultivation techniques, you can grow beautiful fruits bursting with psilocybin at home. Then the mystical penis envy experience can be yours.


The mythical penis envy mushroom remains one of the most unique and sought-after magic mushrooms. From its signature phallic shape to its unparalleled potency, it delivers legendary psychedelic effects for intrepid psychonauts. Treat penis envy with care, and a deep cosmic journey awaits.

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