Penis Envy is one of the most rare and sought after Psilocybe Cubensis amongst hardcore psychonauts. The Penis Envy strain of magic mushrooms are known to be one of the strongest and hard hitting.One of the best psilocybe cubensis strains, t he Penis Envy mushroom delivers strong effects on the body due to the high composition of Psilocybin. This shroom offers a wholesome experience, making you feel euphoric, energized and focused on the auditory and visual perceptions associated with the trip. With your moods uplifted, you will begin to feel your woes and stresses fading. Penis Envy mushroom is not recommended for beginners due to its potent effects. Penis Envy is mostly used for its stress, anxiety and depression relief.

Not recommended for first time users.

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The Psilocybe cubensis mushroom strain known as Penis Envy is one of the most popular and sought-after in the magic mushroom community. These uniquely shaped psychedelic fungi pack a powerful psychedelic punch and induce life-changing states of consciousness in those who consume them.

Penis Envy mushrooms are a variant of the Psilocybe cubensis species, featuring a distinct genetic mutation that gives them a phallic-like appearance. Unlike normal cubensis varieties that have a typical cap and stem, Penis Envy shrooms have a condensed, penis-shaped form.

The origins of Penis Envy mushrooms are uncertain, but they first emerged in the psychedelic scene in the 1980s. Legend says the strain was discovered by famed ethnobotanist and mycologist Terence McKenna during his magic mushroom experiments. McKenna was so impressed by its effects that he felt envy towards the mushroom’s potency, thus spawning the strain’s provocative name.

Beyond their suggestive shape, Penis Envy shrooms are most prized for their extraordinary strength. They contain roughly 1.5 to 2 times higher psilocybin levels compared to average cubensis mushrooms. This makes them one of the most potent magic mushroom varieties in the world.

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Our dried mushroom products make preparation simple. Just measure out your desired dosage and consume by eating, mixing in food/drink, or brewing a tea. Many report Penis Envy to be over twice as strong as standard cubensis, so start low!

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An Overview of Penis Envy Mushrooms; The Penis Envy Theory in Psychoanalysis

The concept of “penis envy” stems from Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalytic theories on psychosexual development. Freud posited that during the phallic stage of childhood development (around ages 3-6), young girls experience anxiety upon realizing they lack a penis.

According to Freud, girls then develop envy towards boys and the symbolic power of the penis. This envy leads to resentment towards the mother for “castrating” them and repressed hostility. Freud argued these repressed feelings could later manifest as neuroses or hysteria if left unresolved.


The hypothesized jealousy and wish for a penis were thought to inspire girls to transition psychosexually into the “feminine” role. Freud suggested girls switch their primary erogenous zone focus from the clitoris to the vagina in preparation for heterosexual relations and childbearing.

Freud’s penis envy theory has been widely criticized, especially by feminist thinkers. Critics argue Freud vastly overemphasized the role of the penis in development and discounted social and cultural influences. However, some neo-Freudian psychologists incorporated a less literal interpretation of penis envy focused on envy towards male power and privilege in society rather than direct envy of the body organ.

Later psychoanalysts like Karen Horney and Ernest Jones disputed penis envy as an innate stage. Horney suggested girls may develop “power envy” towards boys’ power in culture without envy directed at the penis specifically. She proposed “womb envy” in boys towards pregnancy and motherhood abilities.

Overall, Freud’s Oedipal theories on psychosexual development including the penis envy concept remain influential but also controversial. Contemporary psychologists recognize the flaws in his male-centered viewpoint but value his role in founding modern psychological study.

Benefits and Consuming Penis Envy Mushroom Effects

The intense psychedelic voyage prompted by Penis Envy mushrooms makes them a top choice for many shroom users. But what exactly are the benefits and effects of consuming this prized strain? Below are penis envy mushroom effects & Benefits

– Powerful Hallucinogenic Experiences

The most pronounced effects of ingesting Penis Envy fungi are the intense visual and sensory hallucinations. Vivid kaleidoscopic colors, fractal patterns, andaltered auditory perceptions are commonly reported. Some describe entering trance states or experiencing out-of-body sensations. The sheer intensity of the trip establishes Penis Envy’s reputation for being stronger than other psilocybin varieties.

– Improved Mood and Outlook

Penis Envy mushrooms can induce profound feelings of euphoria, joy, and laughter, thanks to the strain’s high concentrations of the psychoactive compounds psilocybin and psilocin. This makes Penis Envy useful for temporarily improving mood and outlook in those struggling with depression, anxiety, or day-to-day stresses. The mood lift can last for weeks or months after the mushrooms’ effects wear off.

– Creative and Divergent Thinking

The unique headspace prompted by Penis Envy mushrooms promotes fluid and magical thinking. Unexpected connections, epiphanies, and insights emerge. This lends the strain to providing cognitive benefits like improved creativity for artists, musicians, and other creatives. The mushroom’s influence can inspire new directions and innovations.

– Deeper Self-Awareness

For many, Penis Envy journeys facilitate a deep exploration of the self. Users gain insight into their psyche, conscious perspectives shift, and some feel a profound sense of oneness with nature. By temporarily dissolving ego boundaries, Penis Envy allows for honest self-reflection and awareness not easily achieved in normal waking consciousness.

– Spiritual Revelation

The transcendent states induced by Penis Envy mushrooms have been used for spiritual pursuits by indigenous cultures for centuries. Even in recreational settings today, Penis Envy trips often lead to mystical revelations, feelings of rebirth, and a sense of reconnection to the sacred. This lends the strain to rituals, rites of passage, or other spiritual practices.

Growing Your Own Penis Envy Mushrooms; How to grow penis envy mushrooms

While Penis Envy shrooms are available from some psychedelic dispensaries, many mycology hobbyists enjoy the process of growing these special mushrooms at home. Thanks to Penis Envy’s quick colonization times and heavy yields, they make an excellent cubensis strain for beginners to cultivate. Here’s an overview of the Penis Envy mushroom life cycle and how to grow them yourself:

1. Prepare Growth Substrate

The most popular substrate for growing Penis Envy mushrooms is sterilized rye or whole grain bags, which provide nutrients for full colonization. You can prepare grain bags yourself or purchase pre-made bags.

2. Inject Spore Syringe

Use a syringe to inject Penis Envy spores evenly throughout the growth substrate. Spores can be sourced online from reputable vendors. Pro tip: Flame sterilize the injection site to prevent contamination.

3. Allow Mycelium Growth

Store inoculated bags in a dark, room temperature area. Within 2-4 weeks, you should see thick, white mycelium growing throughout the bag. Give it time to fully colonize the substrate for best yields.

4. Initiate Fruiting Conditions

Once the substrate is fully colonized, expose it to light and fresh air to trigger mushroom growth. Transfer to a fruiting chamber or unzip the bag. Maintain proper humidity, light, air flow and temps.

5. Harvest Mushrooms

Within a week or two, mature Penis Envy mushroom strain will develop. Check frequently and harvest by twisting gently when caps expand. You can get 1-3 flush harvests before spent substrates stop producing.

With the right sterile procedures and optimal growing conditions, anyone can cultivate a bountiful supply of Penis Envy magic mushrooms. Growing them yourself saves money and allows you to safely explore their effects.

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Penis envy dosage Guidelines and Safety Tips for Penis Envy Trips

Due to their potency, Penis Envy mushroom strain require special care and prudent dosing. Follow these tips for safe, effective trips:

Penis Envy Mushroom sourcing
The quality and safety of your penis envy mushrooms can be affected by how you source them.

You can purchase mushrooms online, in pharmacies (in states where psychedelic mushrooms are permitted), garden supply stores, and even on eBay. Penis envy mushrooms, however, are notoriously hard to locate.

While some people are interested in foraging for psychedelic mushrooms, it’s important to understand that doing so can be risky and difficult because many fungi have similar appearances but hazardous consequences.

Additionally, you can cultivate your own with beginner-friendly mushroom grow kits. Everything you need is included in Third Wave’s cultivate Kit and Course, so you can cultivate your own sustainable supply of top-notch mushrooms at home. A thorough mushroom growing course is included in the box to guide you through the three simple stages of cultivation.

Getting Your Environment Ready

It is essential to take precautions to guarantee a safe experience if you intend to use psychedelics in the privacy of your own home. Make your surroundings clean and the lighting more calming for your eyes.

Before leaving on your journey, it’s crucial to get rid of any negative thoughts. A stressful or anxious travel can result in unpleasant symptoms including paranoia, panic attacks, or hallucinations.

Avoid using psychedelics in a busy environment where you might feel awkward conversing with others because this can make you anxious while you’re on the trip. A kit of supplies, including earplugs, first aid supplies, munchies, tissues, and a blanket or sheet to sit on, is a wonderful idea. Wear multiple layers of clothing to help you control your body temperature.

If you’re unsure about beginning your mushroom trip, think considering consulting a psychedelic expert. You may find vetted magic mushroom coaches, retreats, clinics, and therapists through Third Wave’s Directory.

  • Start with 0.5-1 gram to gauge sensitivity before taking higher doses.
  • Increase dosage incrementally when redosing or trying stronger batches.
  • Avoid mixing with other substances like alcohol, cannabis, or medications.
  • Have a trusted, sober guide present to reassure and assist if needed.
  • Only consume Penis Envy mushrooms in a stable mental state. Avoid combining with emotional stressors.
  • Allow 7-14 days between trips for mental integration and tolerance reset.
  • Choose set and setting wisely – psychedelically-friendly locations are ideal.
  • Stay well hydrated and fed during long mushroom experiences.

With careful dosage and smart trip planning, you can reap the full benefits of Penis Envy’s effects while minimizing risks.


The origin of penis envy mushrooms is a mystery.

It’s even less clear how the Penis Envy variant was first uncovered. Terence McKenna, a well-known ethnobotanist and supporter of psychedelics, has been the subject of the most persistent rumors. On one of his mushroom hunting trips to the Amazon Rainforest, an indigenous guide allegedly took him to a massive mushroom patch. He returned to the United States and shared spore samples of rare organisms he had obtained from that area with mycologists.

Doctor Steven Pollock was one of these mycologists, and he was particularly interested in hallucinogenic mushrooms. Pollock then grew the spores and studied the mushroom’s effects. He spent a lot of time and effort cultivating and selecting genes till he came up with the Penis Envy strain.

The story becomes unclear once more,

Much like at the beginning. Pollock’s involvement in shady business dealings and unlawful activities ultimately led to his death. The DEA had been keeping tabs on him for some time at this point, and his untimely demise was shrouded in mystery. His notebooks and a number of extremely rare specimens were also gone from the murder scene.

It’s not known if Pollock created the same Penis Envy strain that’s used today. Other accounts credit mycologist Rich Gee with developing the legendary mushroom. Perhaps a large number of early mycologists also played a role in its evolution.

It’s quite improbable that the cause of Penis Envy will ever be discovered. Terence McKenna may have discovered a penis-shaped mushroom in the Amazon, but he never confirmed such rumors. One of the most potent psychedelic mushrooms has a history as ephemeral as its psychedelic effects, which is fascinating.


What Sets Them Apart From Other Types Of Mushrooms?

The cultivation difficulty of Penis Envy mushrooms stands out in contrast to that of other types of shrooms. The cultivation of Penis Envy mushrooms is a delicate process that calls for a certain setting. When compared to other Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms, these take nearly 30 percent longer to colonize the substrate and have a lower pin rate.

Penis Envy mushrooms are well worth the effort required to cultivate them due to their high value. These mushrooms are highly sought after in the psychedelic community because they provide more potent highs, more intense hallucinations, and an extreme euphoric side effect.

Penis Envy mushrooms are costly because to their scarcity and the difficulty involved in growing them. Another distinction from other shroom strains is how difficult it is to reproduce and produce a new generation.

Distinct external features

Although every mushroom is one of a kind, Penis Envy shrooms stand out for their heft, fullness, and meatiness.

When fully mature, Penis Envy mushrooms are shorter and denser than most shrooms, and they even have a bulge in the middle of the stem that resembles foreskin. You can get the same effect from eating less of these mushrooms than you would from eating a standard variety since they contain more flesh.

Distinct chemical variations

Is the potency of Penis Envy mushrooms higher than that of other mushroom varieties?

The greater disproportion between psilocin and psilocybin in Penis Envy shrooms gives them a more enchanted quality than common shrooms. The body doesn’t have to do as much work to get high, so you can start feeling the effects of the psilocin in only a few minutes.

This not only has a more pleasant on-set time, but the shorter journey also does not shorten the overall experience. With a Penis Envy mushroom, your high will last for hours.

Stronger Trip

Those lucky enough to try the Penis Envy mushroom report feeling airy and weightless after eating one. Some have compared it to a spiritual trip across time and space, while others have compared it to riding a roller coaster underwater. It may be a cliche, but Penis Envy excursions are truly “clean.”

Penis Envy trips are reported to be more visually and emotionally stimulating than those with other drugs. You’ll be able to move around your house with greater ease, vitality, and elation.

How Did They Get Their Name?

The name “Penis Envy” comes from the fact that the mushroom resembles a man’s penis. Also, guys like to covet them because of their size and length.

The widespread misconception that the Penis Envy mushroom’s unusual appearance is the result of deliberate genetic engineering persists. This is entirely incorrect because at the time this shroom was found and mass-produced, the technology to bioengineer it to look a certain way did not exist.

What differences are there?

Penis Envy mushrooms come in a variety of varieties, but we’ll only discuss the two most popular ones here.

Albino Penis Envy Shrooms

Albino mushrooms have a milky appearance and a white color. The tips of the caps feature a slight tinge of dark blue, which gradually fades into white as it moves outward. These mushrooms aren’t as big as typical Penis Envy mushrooms. Despite the size, the chemical makeup and potency are roughly equivalent to those of the conventional ones.

The simplest way to explain albino Penis Envy mushrooms is to say that they resemble regular Penis Envy mushrooms but are blue and smaller. The majority of the time, these are more novelty items than anything else and are a tiny subset of the larger Psilocybe cubensis mushroom family.

Uncut Penis Envy Shrooms

The head of the Uncut mushroom does not spread out. The caps don’t open at all; instead, they stay closed to the stem or are almost so.

According to legend, these mushrooms are the strongest Penis Envy variety. The Trans Envy and Texas Penis Envy are two other versions.

Trans Envy

Penis Envy and Transkei mushrooms were crossed to create the Trans Envy type. They share some physical traits with both, including thicker stems than regular Transkei mushrooms and the Penis Envy variety’s light-colored caps.

They also appear to have a potency level that falls midway between Transkei mushrooms and the slightly less potent Penis Envy mushrooms.

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penis envy mushroom strain

penis envy mushroom strains

Blue penis envy; A Unique Take on a Classic Mushroom

Of the many varieties of the famed psilocybe cubensis species, none garner more intrigue than the iconic Penis Envy. This legendary strain features a distinct penis-shaped cap and some of the most potent psychedelic effects found in magic mushrooms. But within the Penis Envy family, an even more obscure variant exists – the elusive Blue Penis Envy.

As the name suggests, Blue Penis Envy mushrooms develop caps in various shades of blue rather than the typical caramel brown. The blue hues result from a unique mutation causing the mushrooms to produce far more alkaloids than regular penis envy shrooms. This gives Blue Penis Envy unmatched potency. The blueish colors can range from light powdery pastels to deep azure tones, creating a mystifying appearance.

In addition to their coloration, Blue Penis Envy mushrooms exhibit a few other traits that differentiate them from standard Penis Envy:

  • Their stems stay quite thin and spindly compared to the thick, firm stems of normal Penis Envy shrooms. The thin stems lead the bulbous blue caps to tilt downwards or flop over from the excessive weight.
  • They generate extremely dense clusters of mushrooms from each flush. However, the tiny stems often cannot support these heavy bunches, leading to falling or broken mushrooms if not harvested promptly.
  • The enormous alkaloid content makes Blue Penis Envy mushrooms likely the most potent cubensis strain discovered to date. Psychedelic effects are described as transcendent and earth-shattering in their intensity.
  • Blue staining at the base of the stems occurs due to high concentrations of psylocin and other chemicals. This helps identify mature Blue Penis Envy shrooms.
  • Spore prints appear jet black rather than the usual purple-brown due to the high alkaloid levels.

For experienced cultivators seeking novel strains with unrivaled psychedelic properties, the mystique of Blue Penis Envy beckons. Yet acquiring spores can prove nearly impossible due to small numbers of growers working with this rare mutation. Those who succeed in the challenging cultivation process are rewarded with a literally mind-blowing mushroom unlike any other.


Legality of Penis envy shrooms

Federal Illegality in the United States

In the United States, psilocybin mushrooms are Schedule I illegal drugs under federal law, alongside substances like heroin and LSD. All parts of the mushrooms contain the banned compounds. Federal penalties for possession include up to 1 year in prison and $1000 fines for small amounts. Sale and cultivation trigger much harsher sentences.

Decriminalization Efforts in Some States

Despite federal prohibition, a few localities have decriminalized or legalized magic mushrooms to some degree. Oregon approved therapeutic psilocybin services in 2020. Some cities like Denver, Oakland, and Santa Cruz have reduced penalties, but sales remain illegal. Where state and federal laws conflict, federal takes precedence.

Canadian Law Classifies Mushrooms as Restricted

In Canada, psilocybin mushrooms fall under Schedule III of the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. While illegal federally, some cities have reduced enforcement. Vancouver allows limited possession. Enforcement remains strict in most regions for sales or large quantities.

UK Designation as Class A Drugs

The UK designated fresh and prepared psilocybin mushrooms as Class A illegal drugs under the Misuse of Drugs Act in 2005. Prior to this they were Class A only when dry. Penis Envy mushrooms in any form are illegal to possess, distribute, or grow in the UK without a special license.

Gradual Policy Shifts Around the World

In summary, Penis Envy mushrooms largely remain prohibited worldwide, though attitudes are gradually shifting. Despite health benefits shown in research, most legal systems continue treating psilocybin mushrooms as criminally controlled substances rather than medicinal plants. More jurisdictions may re-examine mushroom laws as acceptance increases. But extreme caution is still warranted when obtaining any psilocybin products.


Penis envy vs Golden teacher

Characteristic Penis Envy Golden Teacher
Potency Very high, often 2X as potent as other cubensis strains Medium-high potency
Psilocybin Content 1.5-2% by dry weight 0.8-1.2% by dry weight
Effects Intense visuals, deep spiritual insights, mystical experiences Mild visuals, euphoria, creativity, recreational
Growth Rate Moderate, slower than other cubensis Rapid growth
Yield Per Flush Moderate yield High yield
Ideal For Introspection, veterans, spiritual seekers Beginners, social environments
Genetics Isolated genetic mutation of P. cubensis Hybrid cross of P. cubensis and P. mexicana
Cap Shape Penis-shaped, elongated Bell-shaped, convex
Cap Color Reddish chestnut brown Yellowish golden brown
Stems Thick, twisted, curved Slender, fragile, straight
Spore Print Dark purple-brown Dark purple-brown
Climate Tropical, sub-tropical Temperate, sub-tropical


In summary, Penis Envy mushroom strain offer an intense psychedelic experience but can be slower and less abundant to grow. Golden Teachers are easier cultivars producing recreational effects. Consider your growing skills and intended use when selecting a psilocybin species.


Penis Envy liquid culture

  • A liquid culture is a suspension of mycelium in a nutrient-rich liquid solution. This allows for faster colonization than spores.
  • To create a Penis Envy liquid culture, healthy mycelium is blended into sterile water with nutrients like malt/agar.
  • The fluid mycelial solution can be injected into grain jars to quickly seed growth. Much faster than waiting for spores to germinate.
  • Liquid cultures can be made from an existing mushroom culture on agar or grain. Or purchased pre-made from vendors.
  • Ideal for quickly expanding mycelium for multiple grows. Can also store long-term in refrigeration.
  • Maintain sterile procedures when making and handling liquid cultures to prevent contamination.
  • With Penis Envy liquid culture, colonization of grain jars can occur in under 1 week. Significantly faster compared to 2-4 weeks from spores.
  • Can be used similarly to spore syringes. Inject into growth substrates or spawn jars. Agitate before use.
  • Provides a reliable way to preserve pedigree genetics for future cultivation. Useful for working with isolated strains.

In summary, Penis Envy liquid cultures offer faster inoculation and growth for magic mushroom grows while preserving desired genetics long-term. Proper sterile technique is critical when preparing and using these mycelial solutions.

Penis envy mushrooms review

The Penis Envy cubensis mushroom stands out as one of the most unique and powerful psilocybin species available today. First appearing in the 1980s, this iconic strain boasts a range of distinctive traits and effects:

  • Appearance – Penis Envy shrooms take on a stubby, curved penis shape rather than the traditional cap and stem form. The bulbous caps are caramel brown in color.
  • Potency – With psilocybin levels testing at 1.5-2 times higher than regular cubensis mushrooms, the psychedelic effects of Penis Envy are extraordinarily intense and vivid.
  • Effects – Users describe mystical ego death experiences, cosmic spiritual awakenings, and paradigm-shifting trips. Visuals are dynamic.
  • Taste – The mushrooms have an earthy, bitter taste that’s especially strong due to the high alkaloid content. Some find it unpleasant.
  • Cultivation – Slower growing and slightly lower yielding than other strains. But with care, decent flushes can be achieved.

Overall, Penis Envy offers unmatched psychedelic effects and an eccentric appearance unlike any other cubensis variety. While difficult to grow, its potency and uniqueness make it a must-try for serious mushroom enthusiasts.

FAQ about Penis Envy Mushroom strain

Are Penis Envy mushrooms safe?

Like other psilocybin-containing mushrooms, Penis Envy shrooms pose some risks, especially when used irresponsibly. Potential dangers include traumatic trips, psychotic episodes in predisposed individuals, and reckless behavior while intoxicated. But practiced safely at moderate doses by mentally stable adults, mushrooms like Penis Envy pose very low risks and can be consumed responsibly. Always put safety first.

How long does a Penis Envy trip last?

On average, an entire Penis Envy mushroom experience lasts between 4-8 hours when taken orally. This includes the come-up phase (~30-60 mins), peak psychedelic effects (~2-4 hours), and gradual comedown period. However, trip duration can vary based on dose, metabolism, and individual factors. Plan for a full day when working with these powerful mushrooms.

Can Penis Envy mushrooms help with depression?

Emerging research and anecdotal reports suggest psilocybin like that found in Penis Envy can provide antidepressant effects. However, mushrooms are not a cure-all and must be used carefully in conjunction with medical supervision. Those with mood disorders should educate themselves on psychedelic integration methods.

Are Penis Envy mushrooms legal where I live?

In most parts of the world, psilocybin mushrooms like Penis Envy are illegal to possess, buy, or grow. However, laws are evolving. Some areas permit personal mushroom cultivation or have decriminalized natural psychedelics. Know your local laws before endeavoring to obtain Penis Envy mushrooms.

What’s the best way to take Penis Envy mushroom strain?

Penis Envy mushrooms can be consumed via ingestion, tea, lemon tek, capsules, or even smoked. Eating them whole, mixed into food, or in tea are common oral routes. Start low, go slow, and pay attention to effects before deciding your ideal method of consumption.

Experience Nature’s Magic with Penis Envy strain

The mushroom world contains endless forms, each with their own personalities, appearances, and effects. For anyone seeking profoundly transcendent psychedelic journeys, Penis Envy deserves consideration as a top psilocybin choice.

Treat these special fungi with care, and their heart-opening insights and mystical secrets can be revealed. Ultimately, consumption comes down to your intentions – but the opportunity for magic awaits.

Penis envy 6

Penis Envy #6 is a particular genetic isolate of the Penis Envy psilocybe cubensis mushroom strain.

Some key details on Penis Envy #6:

  • It is one of several numbered variants that were selectively bred from the original Penis Envy mutation.
  • Penis Envy 6 was isolated to stabilize potency and growth characteristics for optimal cultivation.
  • Like the parent strain, it produces medium to large mushrooms with a distinct penis-shaped cap.
  • It is one of the most potent Penis Envy varieties, testing for very high psilocybin levels.
  • The effects are said to be strongly psychedelic, euphoric, and visual compared to other cubensis.
  • Growth may be a bit slower and yields lower than other Penis Envy variants. But potency makes up for this.
  • Spores and cultures are sometimes difficult to find due to prestige status among collectors.
  • Ideal for experienced cultivators seeking an exceptionally strong mushroom for spiritual journeys.
  • Requires expertise to grow successfully and prevent contamination due to slow mycelium growth.

Overall, Penis Envy #6 is an elite, highly psychoactive isolate geared towards serious mushroom enthusiasts. It provides one of the most intense cubensis experiences for those seeking it. order other potent mushrooms from us now


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